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To date have baked up to 16 loaves of bread at one time in the oven. Guided Tours of Montreal and Quebec City Visit to Montmorency Falls, Ste. Anne de Beaupre Basilica and Marie’s Bread Ovens Fully Escorted. Bill Funkhouser has a web site with the construction of his Quebec style bread oven. Bill follows the instructions from Alan Scott. Roadside Bake Oven in Rural Quebec This outdoor oven sits on a base of large rocks. This will be a great opportunity to participate in the process of baking organic bread in an outdoor wood-fired “Quebec” oven made of clay and brick. My main source of information is The Bread Ovens of Québec, which is a survey of old ovens and a detailed description of how one was built.

Bread Ovens Of Quebec

  • History, culture, stories, legends and construction of clay bread ovens.
  • Does anybody know where in Quebec City this bakery is located? Old Quebec(walled) or outside or suburbs? I'm going to the Summer Festival in july.
  • Manufactures bakery equipment, pizza ovens, rack ovens, dough mixers and sheeters, proofers, warmers, and bread slicers.
  • Jane Goyette tending her 25-loaf wood-fired bread oven at Hogwallow Farm in Fool's Hollow, Quebec.
  • Keep warm, broil, bake, toast and grill settings.
  • Auto off 60-minute timer with ready signal.

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