Think environmentally conscious when it comes time to dispose of your microwave. The myths about the dangers of microwave ovens are debunked. Microwave Oven Disposal If you own a microwave then you really need to consider microwave oven disposal issues; in particular the environmental and legal consequences. If the microwave open is still working, consider donating it to a worth cause. For non-working microwaves, call your local trash pick up pro view more. Best Answer: Go to the Department of Sanitation website (DSNY) they explain exactly how to dispose of any/all items. Disposal Location Disposal Method; THIS ITEM CAN BE TAKEN TO A TAKE IT BACK! PARTNER.

Disposing Of Microwave Ovens

  • How can I dispose of a old microwave oven safely.
  • I am in spring Texas right outside Houston Texas.
  • Best Answer: If you want to get rid of it just throw it in the garbage.
  • A number of non-profit organizations will accept a microwave oven as a donation.
  • Additionally, some repair shops will accept, but that isn't usual.
  • From over-the-range microwave ovens to compact countertop models, at BestBuy.

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